Greetings cadets!

As mentioned in my last post, I put Star Squadron on hold to work on Peripheral, a virtual reality project I started with Richard from Daggasoft.

Since then, we’ve gotten Peripheral into a really good state. We’re very close to launching on the Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Steam. I’m really hoping our game delights players. I hope they find it fun!

Now, onto Star Squadron news…

I’ve decided to put Star Squadron on hold for the forseeable future. The gaming market has been saturated with indie titles in the past 5 years. It’s very hard for more popular genres (action space RPG is nowhere near the top of the list) to be noticed, so it’s unlikely that years of effort on Star Squadron would pay off.

Secondarily, I found that working on Star Squadron had become a job. It stopped being fun. And, since the name of my gaming company is Focus on Fun, well, that just didn’t make any sense to me.

One day, I’ll come back to it. But, for now, my interests lay in making VR games. It’s a brand new market. Everything’s fresh. Every day there are new games which have never been done before.

My next project is called Potioneer: The VR Gardening Simulator. If you’ve got an HTC Vive, do check it out!

Thank you.